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Default Re: Playoff Prediction Thread

AFC Division Champs:
Pittsburgh (uh, yeah)
New England (until proven otherwise)
San Diego (Oakland has no D, KC will have better D but not enough, Denver is close)
Indy (favorable schedule, could get homefield)

NY Jets (solid team on both sides of the ball)
Buffalo (on the strength of their D and ST, the new Baltimore)

NFC Division Champs:
Philly (by default)
Carolina (the other good NFC team)
St. Louis (Martz is a good coach...honest...he gets a bum rap from announcers, this could be a whole other post)
Detroit (see what I mean?)

Arizona (don't sleep, O will be improved and young D is tough)
Atlanta (but I'm tempted to pick Tampa)

AFC Playoffs

WC Games:
NE over Buffalo
San Diego over NY Jets

Indy over NE (finally, but it'll be in the dome)
Pittsburgh over San Diego

Pittsburgh over Indy


WC Games:
Atlanta over Detroit
St. Louis over Arizona

Philadelphia over Atlanta
Carolina over St. Louis


Carolina over Philadelphia

Super Bowl XL:
Pittsburgh over Carolina
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