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Default Re: Dolphin Game Observations and Questions

I still dont know what all this Ike hype is Nearly every pass attempt to his side is complete. Will their ever be a CB to give up more out routes than Ike. Ricardo is IMO way ahead of him. He almost had another INT this week but was deflected out of his hands by McFadden. He closes on the ball real well something Ike doesnt do.

Ben didnt play as bad as I thought(power of tivo). He threw a couple of bad passes but looked ok to me. He avoided sacks a few times and found someone to dump it to. Also had a couple of smart runs. Stuff he could definitly fix.BTW Wilson should have caught that pass for a TD.

Miller was much quicker off the ball than last week though he didnt get a chance to catch a pass.

Kranchick- This guy cant block! His guy is always in on the tackle. It's going to be real hard for him to make the team if his blocking continues to be this horrible.

Essex- Looked good. On one play he was blocking his guy then was aware enough to pick up the outside guy coming on a delay blitz with one arm while he handed his guy off to Kemoeatu. It was nice to see the rookies work together like that.
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