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Default Re: Who should be our QB's now

Our qbs: 1) Roethlisberger, 2) Maddox, 3) St. Pierre(or other)... and the reasons...

Ben is the franchise plain up. We wanted Kordel to be it, but luckily we were not financially committed to him. Ben is our guy for the next five win, lose or draw.(look at Couch in Cleveland.) You just cant test drive him, you have to wait and see what develops.

Maddox is second because he has done it. When we ran and protected he was a 3,000 plus QB. So he can handle the physical and mentally tasks of the back up role. Plus he had his shot, got his better than selling insurance payday and won't be any headache to the club.

Batch is gone. Free agent + injury = keep in touch. He had too much salary for us to keep. I mean come on, how often does a #3 QB touch the ball in the nfl? Your job is to help with the scout team. Now why St. Pierre stays...

St. Pierre stays because he can sim so many QB's for our scout team. He has decent arm, decent speed, and is a quick leaner when it comes to simming other qb's. Plus he knows a guy from BC could do worse. Now the question and point to ponder is, do the Steelers keep him through camp to help with all the passes to throw, then sign him to our growing practice squad, and run 2 qb's on game day? I say yes. Ben is tough, Tommy a little less durable, but could last. Then we have Randle El, Ward, and Wilson? Also, St. Pierre could be gone(minimal cap hit) because some rookie falls in the draft and we take a chance in case we can trade him later.

My $0.02
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