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Default Re: Hampton talks heat up

I'm sure Ward isnt gonna be happy if they sign Hampton before him, but Hampton is a good sign-back. I mean I love Hoke and all, but Casey's just a beast. With Hampton, Hoke, Smith, Kimo, and Keisel, our DL is set.

We just signed Hope to a 1 year contract. I think that shows that the FO isnt that interested in getting a deal done before the season starts. I think they want to see is he has a break-out season, or break-down season... lol then again, I have made it known I'm not a fan of Hope, so it could be just me.

I wouldn't blame Hines after this point. Think about it from his view. They resigned Maddox, then said HE was top priority next year. Then they sign back everyone else, and all their draft picks before him. Now he shows up for camp and they sign Hampton before him. I would not be happy.
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