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as a player, you never, ever ask a coach for time off. especially if you're a mediocre player, which ekman is. you always let the trainers, etc handle that for you. the trainer will go to the coach and tell him 'dude needs to rest his hamstring, give him a couple games off'. the player will always put himself in skates given his choice.

your statement is not illogical at all. just the opposite, what you said makes the most sense. but, that ain't reality, either.

this is hockey and hockey players play. always. guys play through injuries all the time. what if paul coffey asked for time off for his jaw to heal? no stanley cup for us that year, i guarantee it.

therrian's old school. he doesn't want to hear a player whining about letting his leg heal up. he wants guys who want to play no matter what. that's why the trainer is so valuable on a hockey team, especially.
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