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Default Re: Dolphin Game Observations and Questions

1.) to me, it seemed like the team was much more focused for this game than the last one. I also thought it funny that our last two games against the Dolphins have been near washed out :P

I agree.

2.) I still listen to the games with the TV muted and the Steelers Radio Network on. One of the broadcasters kept mixing Charlie Batch and Willie Parker's names together, and kept saying Charlie Parker, and the other said Yardbird. For those of you that don't know, Charlie "Yardbird" Parker was a famous Jazz musician. I like the nickname Willie "Yardbird" Parker much better than Fast Willie Parker; He flys like a bird and racks up the yards :P. I was skeptic of Willie, thinking he was a flash in the pan, but tonight's game has made me a believer. Game Ball, anyone?

I think Willie is a good NFL back that will get better with experience.

3.) With about 9 minutes left in the 4th, I saw Chris Kemoeatu (lol I love how his name is like 'mo eat you!) push a defender after our RB was down, and the guy trying to get a flag called on Big Chris. Anyone else see this? I guess our boy hasnt softenend since college.

I love this guy, I just don't see where he is going to fit in with Faneca and Simmons, it's going to be hard to hold him down.

4.) I thought Clint Kriewaldt did very well this game. I don't know what the exact stats were, but I think he did pretty well for a second-teamer. He is a wily old vet. Which brings me to my next idea. Do you guys think Mike Logan still has enough talent to take the FS spot from hope? I saw him chop through that guy on that kickoff return, and him run with the lateral and got excited. Maybe it's just me...

Based on some previous threads I hope the people that called for his position of a "specialist" and not being worthy to be on the roster realizes how important these types of players are. I'm glad you do CoachCowHead.

5.) I was watching the game on CBS, and sometime in the 4th quarter they closed up on Eric Taylor. What were they saying about him? good? bad? hmm...

No clue, was at the game.

6.) I think while Willie Parker is a very good back, he either goes long, or doesnt go far. It's one or the other. I think Noah Herron showed much more consistency in today's game.

I think Willie can be fine as the every down back. I do not think its far or nothing with him, he's still learning how to run between the tackles, once he gets more experience at this, he'll be able to run for the 3-5 yarders up the gut.

7.) I think Ricardo better start doing something, otherwise I dont think he'll be starting this year on anything but special teams. Ike keeps impressing and Ricky keeps depressing. In terms of passing one another on the depth chart, I think St. Pierre passed Batch tonight. It may have just been me, but I think St. Pierre did MUCH better than Batch. Either that, or Batch did MUCH worse tonight :P. or maybe a bit of both

I thought Charlie played pretty well actually :) I dont think Ricardo is depressing though, i think him and Ike are making very good progress.

8.) How long do you guys think it will be before Okobi replaces Hartings? I have a feeling that during the regular season games we'll see those two almost sharing the spot at center. I know Hartings is good, but he's old too, and I don't want to see him get blown out this year being the starter. Also, how long until Kimo gets replaced with Keisel? According to an interview I read with Kimo, he said he'll play till they kick him out of the league, but Keisel has really been impressing on the second team.

Man, this one, i had trouble reading, are you serious about Hartings? He had a pro bowl year last year because his knee's held up, old or not this guy is one of the best centers in the league when healthy, and he is healthy so far!! Okobi will not smell 1st team as long as Hartings knees are ok. Don't get me wrong, I like Chuckie, but Hartings IS that good.

I know this was pretty big, so I didnt put it in the sticky. If it should be there, could someone move it? thanks. Anyways, let me know what you think...[/
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