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Default Re: The steelers schedule for next season

As for our schedule, we should handle the division going 5-1 by winning the home games and since CLE and CIN are basically home games anyway. We always seem to alternate with BAL, so I say we split again with them. For the remaining home games...CHI, JAX, and TEN should be wins, DET will be improved but they are a dome team playing outside. Leaving rematch with New England. Lets say 4-1 or 3-2. On the road its toss ups a plenty but heres my take. We beat Indy in Indy because Peyton doesn't fare well against established 3-4 defenses(Not these teams that play it for 2 years or less). We also beat San Diego, because Cowher is on roll against Marty and I see the Brees, Rivers thing getting ugly next year. We will also beat HOU. Why? Its the only team Cowher has never beaten. Don't think outgaining them by 400 yards and losing didn't leave a bad taste in that jaw. As for MIN and GB. I say we can beat GB unless they do some major upgrading in the draft. MIN could be a tough challenge in the dome. Also, the NFC North is Cowher's worst division for wins in his career so we don't usually do well. So thats 4-1 or 3-2. Add it up thats 13-3 on the high end and 11-5 or 10-6 on the low end.
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