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Default Re: Dolphin Game Observations and Questions

Originally Posted by CoachCowhead
I think eventually Kemoeatu will take Simmons spot, with Simmons taking over on second teams. He's good, i know, but with all the health issues i think it'll be tough for him to be 100% 100% of the time

Hartings will be good as long as his knees hold out. and no one can gurantee when he's gonna be healthy. I just tihnk it'll take the same kind of route Cowher is taking with Bettis. Bettis is an excellant back, as long as you dont overwhelm him. I dont want us overwhleming Hartings either. I mean, the guy hasnt done the run test in years, and he gets random days off practice. I'd rather be safe then sorry.

With the whole Ben situation, you just have to wait and see. I mean, he is a second year QB and he has been getting alot of attention. I just hope it's the preseason and not ben thats making him be off.

If we can get Noah as a power back and Willie as our third down back, running to the sides, our running game will be set.

I can really only state what I've heard about Ike and Ricardo. I wish I had Tivo...
On the Hartings thing, I think your labeling "healthy" a bit different than what I meant. Hartings has never really been "injured" with the steelers. He has had knee problems since he was in High School, they just have taken a beating. Before last season he had surgery to repair one of his ailing knees. Last season was the 1st year in which he stated his knees "felt good". He never even missed a practice last year, which is the first time thats happened in five years. This is only his 9th NFL season, if the surgery last year helped his knees (which it seems it did, based on his performance) I see no reason he can't play at that level for a couple more seasons.

About Simmons....I disagree with you there :) He has his diabetic situation under control and should not hamper his play at all. The only reason it did 2 years ago was because it was a late diagnosis and the inital weight loss, fatigue, hit him right when the season began. Once he knew how to deal with it, he was fine. The knee surgery is still too early to tell, but from what the staff is saying, he's doing fine. Many lineman have had very succesfful careers after surgery of that nature. Don't forget we are still talking about a rookie here, Kimoeatu seems like he'll be a good player, but the jury is still out. If he does continue to impress and improve that much, I do not think it will knock Simmons out of a starting role. I would like to see them keep Kimoeatu on a backup role, possibly grooming him or Simmons for the center job once Hartings retires.
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