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Default Re: In response to home page

95 - Carter Bust,out of NFL

96 - Willie Anderson Bust,out of NFL97 - Wilson

98 - Takeo Spikes - Still in the NFL

99 - Akili Smith Bust,out of NFL

00 - Warrick Still on team,hasn't done a lot due to injury,might get traded

01 - Smith Finally looked good,got benched,who knows if he can do it again,might be mehind Palmer for remainder of career

02 - Levi Jones Plays well I guess,but he's a lineman

03 - Carson Should be a beast,best pick of them all

04 - Perry Stuck behind Rudi...who knows his potential?

05 - Pollack To be determined

95 - Mark Bruner Don't think he's in the league

96 - Jamain Stephens Don't think he's in the league

97 - Chad Scott On the Patriots

98 - Alan Faneca Is a force to be reckoned with on the OL

99 - Troy Edwards Starts in Jax

00 - Buress Had some productivity...starts for Giants...isn't a true "bust"

01 - Casey Hampton Was a force his rookie season,injured last season,will be a force again this year

02 - Kendall Simmons Place very well

03 - Polamalu Don't go over the f'n middle,that's all I gotta say about him

04 - Roethlisberger ROY,damn near went to SB as a rookie,'nuff said

05 - Miller To be determined

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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