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Default Re: Parker v. Staley

Originally Posted by SteelProven
I just not ready to concede the RB job to a 5'8 200 lb back. I've stated before he's to small. He may initially be able to handle the starting job but he'll break down by week 3 of the regualr season. Do you guys honestly believe W. Parker can carry the ball 25+ times a game for 16 games. I understand that there are a lot of backs in the league under 220lbs. But known of them play in a in between the tackles type of offense like the steelers. But only time will tell, right?
Try 5"10" and 210 lbs. I do NOT think that is too small to be a feature back. You guys love to jump on Duce for being injured so often, but he's big enough right? How has the helped keeping him healthy. There are plenty of backs that are Parkers size that DO run between the tackles but they aren't too small....Portis, Alexander, Tomlinson, to name a couple....all simialr in size. It's not just the size of a running back that makes them durable...its how they run. It's not fair to say he's unable to be a feature back until he's given the opportunity.
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