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Exclamation A prayer please...

As I am sitting here this a.m. reading threads and replying to some.. I am overwhelmed with the thought in my heart to do this, and I hope that I dont affend anyone but I feel it must be done. I am asking for prayers for many things that should effect everyone.. Remember these things and people in your prayers for our futures and more..
Our Children (while they are at school or at home or on the streets)
Our parents
Christians in other countries that are killed or beaten for just being christians
That God will forgive our country for being what it is becoming
Most of all.... The lost souls that have not accepted Jesus as their personal savoir...
I would say that I hope that I dont affend anyone, but if I affend someone then maybe your the one that needs the prayers.. May God Bless You All and I hope that God will touch you in all the ways that he has touched me and my family...

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