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Default Re: OSU vs. Michigan

Now, first of all I have always been a Miami,Fla fan and this year and the last 2 or so years I have just hated the way we play and act on the field and then a couple a weeks ago with the big brawl... that has just about finished me with the Canes.. but it is very hard for me to change teams no matter what sport that I am watchin.... in MLB I love the Dodgers.. in the NBA I love the Lakers but this year I am gonna try to pull more for my hometown team .. the Charlotte Bobcats.. NFL of course is the Steelers.. I just dont see how people change favorite teams every year... But, my pick on this game between the 2 best teams in college football is Michigan because they are playin at home, it is in Michigan right? If it is at Ohio State then I have to go with the Buckeyes... Just a homefield thing I guesss...
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