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Default Re: "Ward the anti T.O."

Originally Posted by figg
Awesome article Figg. +1 for you. It's nice to see Ward finally removed from the TO like catergory. A lot of people were starting to say he was another TO, but I don't see the comparison. Hines has been a class act for as long as I can remember. He always seems to be wonderful with fans and it seems he genuinely appreciates their support. I can't remember him arguing with anyone from the Steelers organization and he seems to have a great relationship with his teammates and coaches. The guy is also beloved by the Steelers fans. As the article mentioned you didn't hear too much from Hines during the holdout. He kept to himself. Then you have TO on the other hand. This is a guy who brings so much drama and distraction. It seems he is always pulling some stunt for attention. He just signed a deal that compensated him quite well and is not too far into it. Here he is already demanding a new contract. He also is fighting with his teammate and two coaches. Yes this guy has great skill, but his skills are overshadowed by this ploys for attention. Shame to see in my opinion. I'll take Ward over Owens any day of the week.
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