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Default Re: Parker v. Staley

Something to remember too is.. our style of running is straight up the gut, right into the heart of the DL and LB's..our running plays are most successful when we run north and south. Parker is a change of pace RB, a guy who can break a game open on screens, swings, out in the flat etc...but our style of RB's the ones we use and have had for decades..the ones that are the most successful are the ones that run w/ power and can break tackles, the big boys if u will.

Im not saying willie won't be a big factor for us, he will..and we will need him alot...but dont look for the STeelers to ignore the RB spot when the time comes for Jerome to retire just becuz we have parker in the mix. Haynes isnt as big as Jerome but he can break tackles and run hard up the middle too.
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