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Default Re: Who concerns you the most in the AFCN

One question cause I keep hearing it over and over...

How are BAL, CLE, and CIN deeper in depth at positions than us? I think if they get hurt at positions they are worse of than us. QB we have Maddox, WR we have Wilson(starter) and trio of young guys to divide up the 20 passes we'll throw in 8 games. RB is Parker and Herron(untested yes, but they have shown stuff) O-line would be a problem only from consistency standpoint, but all have the skills to plug holes or be stand outs in their own. Everyone in D-line and LB get rotated so much that they have experience already. The worse case is secondary where inexperience could bite us, but overall I can live with that considering we drafted all of them in the last 3 years. Not to mention that we have made the playoffs last year gives our young guys that postseason xp points as well. Cincy can't claim that. Boller all of a sudden will guide his team all the way through the playoffs and SuperBowl? Or his back up? Not seeing how depth is our issue alone...
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