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Default Re: Parker v. Staley

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Yeah I agree we still want that big back that can constantly take 35 carries plus a game. If the current squad can handle that then fine, but we are always looking for running backs.
No backs carry 35 times a game....on a regular basis. I do not think we need a work horse. A person made the comment earlier, remember Morris and Pegram, that worked awesome and took us to the super bowl. Why can't Parker be the Pegram? In 95' we didnt even have a 1,000 yard rusher, but had two running backs that complimented each other perfectly. Morris had 550+ yards and Peagram had 800+ yards, those aren't really gotty numbers. In the NFL you do not NEED one back to do all your work. I think a nice power back and a quick scat back makes a lethal combination and also saves wear and tear on both players.
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