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Default Re: My Eagles don't need to beat the Steelers. We have the Patriots for that

You`ll have to do better than that. Come on! And the Pats aren`t your daddy??
Hell we are your daddies to. Just because you finished in first place in the NFL minor leagues, the NFC, doesn`t mean you were the second best team in the league. THe Eagles blow. If atlanta would of had half a team , they would have whooped you to. Hell we spanked your asses earlier in the season. Most Steeler faithful probably were a little bitter after the Pats loss, so they rooted against the PAts. Some rooted for the Eagles because they were a fellow P.A. team. The superbowl is like a national holiday. The most bet on sports game of the year, so everyone fan or not picks sides for whatever reason. The Pats are an obstacle, not a daddy. Ben was just a rookie, we will clear this obstacle. Unlike yourselves who stumble every year, so you over pay pain in the asses like TO. Thinking you will win a ring. Keep dreaming, The AFC dominates you shmucks. McJerk welcome to the Blast Furnace.
Come strong or don`t come at all.
Keep your weak shit on the field, with overrated McNabb.
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