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Default Re: 2006 National Champions?

Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
I can't stand Southern Cal.

Part of me hopes they get beat a couple more times so the entire town of Bristol, CT commits suicide.

Part of me hopes they run the table and another one-loss team gets into the title game ahead of them so they can have a huge meltdown. (As a bonus, Texas or Auburn or Michigan or whoever can get in ahead of an undefeated West Virginia so the BCS loses all credibility).
I guess you didn't get the memo from the Heritage Hall PR people before last season. USC officially denounced Southern Cal. It's Southern California, SC or USC.

And ESPN reluctantly boosts USC. Their jocks are fiddled by the SEC delusionists. The same ones that forget the 50-14 ass whooping on the Hogs.

CAST THE HISTORY BOOK IN STONE. USC set unbreakable records.

Troy Smith is playing impeccable football. Granted the only team OSU has played so far is Texas. And then Michigan. What a
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