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Default Re: Fox Sports Power Rankings

1) Pats-won the SB,they deserve it...but won't keep the top spot
2) Eagles-okay,they got to the SB so let them have this slot
3) Colts-GET A FREAKING DEFENSE! (Steelers should be here)
4) Chargers-Okay,I guess.
5) Bills-Our second/third string offense walked all over thier "vaunted" 1st string defense,and they lsot thier stud NT
6) Jets-my pick to win the East
7) Panthers-when did they become a media darling?Come on,they don't even win thier division
8) Steelers-Should be third,possibly second!The defense,IMHO,will be even BETTER than last year,and we'll have a much more explosive offense.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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