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Default Re: Some last few tidbits as camp closes...

I agree and disagree with your comment about the speed of our linemen. You cant say they are all slow because our marquee run is the (I forget the call number) where Faneca pulls and leads for the HB, you can't be slow to do that. Simmons is not a slow guard as well. The reason I feel their screen plays have dropped off is because we used them around our center. Don't get me wrong I love Jeff Hartings, I think he is one of the better centers in the league, but he's not Dermonti. He revolutionized the way the center position is played. He was our anchor on screen plays and led the hogs down the fields with Foster, Morris, Pegram, Bettis, etc. I beleive they have been trying to use that same type of setup with the centers following Dermonti and its just not as successful.
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