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Default Re: Official Steelers vs Redskins Game Thread

mayne, thank god we got a great d. cause i don't know like our offense. i'm a little late so i'm just referring to our first couple of drives, i don't like that we run 3 in a row and then it's 3rd and 8th. i don't see how we got better, and i'm starting not to like randle el, it seems everytime ben throws to him it goes over him, it's like the ball don't like him, cause ben does alright throwing to ward. i say the hell with el and put cedrick in or at least attempt to use our first round pick. damn i love polamalu, he's great. williams is worthless to me, i want either ricardo or byrant in there. parker is tight i love fast backs i'm tired of these power slower then crap rb no disrepect to the bus. damn and ben seems retarded sometimes he locks on one guy and won't even look around to see if anyone else is open we had the touchdown if he would've threw it to Kreider. oh well thank god it's just pre season, hopefully they'll get their shit together cause the offense looks like crap to me, the only bright spot is willie parker.
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