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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Lineman like Thomas come along once every 5-6 years. The kid is so athletic it's amazing. He moves like a defensive back even though he's a big boy.

Of course we'd all be too busy complaining about our terrible season to notice the chance to secure the best offensive lineman to come out of college since Chris Samuel came out of Alabama.
And we all all know Chris Samuel has been a lock at All-Pro since he was drafted

That is not to criticize your suggestion - Thomas may be great but the closest pick to a sure pick in the last 10 years at OL was Boselli (or Gallery from Iowa - not!) and Boselli's shoulder problems effectively rendered him useles after a half dozen years in the league.

My point is that the draft is a crap shoot (e.g. - Ryan Leaf was generally regarded as teh consensus smart pick over Peyton)
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