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Default Re: Saddam Hussein Sentenced to Die

Originally Posted by Big D View Post
Good point. How can there be a good party with out strippers. I'll lead the keg stances and beer bonging
Big D...shhhhhhhhhhhh.....for the sake of the females in the room....its "dancing girls".....

As a disclaimer to all parties currently in the forum....We men involved in this "social gathering" would like to make it clear that we do not officially condone any behaviour that may or may not be construed as chauvinistic ot demeaning in nature...We would also dissavow any direct knowledge as to the amount of clothing these alleged "dancing girls" will be wearing at any given time, and any such decision shall be the sole responsibility of these same alleged "dancing girls"
Also let it be said that any money or money's exchanged to said girls shall in no way be meant to be taken as an exchange for services rendered, and the correlation between clothing and money whall be considered purely coincidental.
thank you
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