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Default Re: Preseason game #3

Originally Posted by SteelersWyo
I have to disagree with you Bigbensgirl7. Typically the 3rd preseason game where the starters play half or better. It is ususally the last tune up for the starters, then they start to hold them back to avoid injuries and fatigue. If they look bad, it will be a long season. is the most important game...and we did suck no doubt...but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet...this won't be the first time the Steelers have had a bad preseason. I will say I am worried about how we have been playing, and we really won't get a good feel if they are going to bounce back until regular season now. They won't play much at all the next game, but I have to stay positive and hope they can work out the kinks. It could very well be a long season, or we could bounce back from this and have a great season. Only time will tell!
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