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Default Re: Patriots Are The Steelers Daddies

Originally Posted by makaveli_steeler36
honestly, i dont see the pats doing much of anything this year, look who they lost shall we, oof and def coordinator, teddy bruschy (sp?) those are gonna hurt alot more than people think, and i know stupid pats fans are gonna say that they always lose people and make up for them, BUT losing your emotional leader and two important coaches is gonna result in at LEAST 5 losses, they wont even win their division IMHO. the pats are nothin this year, and id put money on it too.
Before dismissing Pats fans as 'stupid' you should perhaps try to put a minimum amount of research in to your post.
Its Tedy Bruschi BTW - nevermind - his name obviously hasn't been in the news often enough for you to remember ha ha!

Are you psychic? How do you know how much people 'think' these losses will hurt...and what makes you so much more knowledgeable than these 'people'?

You also need to stop contradicting yourself in the space of two sentences :

You claim the PATS will perhaps finish with a 11-5 record - then in your next breath go on to tell us that they will be 'nothin' this year.....LOL

However, having said all that, I do appreciate you including your I.Q. in your 'handle' for easy reference.

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