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Default Re: Thoughts on Preseason game #3

I have to admit, I AM WORRIED. It really doesn`t seem like a timing problem. I could see over or under throwing somebody on the run, and blaming it on timing. But when players are standing still and you can`t hit them?/ Then there is a problem. I agree to that his feet are never underneath him when he throws. His mechanics suck right now. That worries me. Ben looks terrible. That scares the hell out of me.

Our defense couldn`t stop any of thier backs last night. The we couldn`t stop thier crappy passing attack. 150 yards passing in the first half, and 1 td. Would equal 300 yards and 2 td for the game. This all from a qb that doesn`t even know if he will be the starter. There offense made our offense look back. Not to mention our defense. I am worried.

I know its preseason. But our offense has don`t squat. If it weren`t for defensive and special teams tds. We would be embarrassed.
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