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Default Re: Patriots Are The Steelers Daddies

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I do disagree with one thing here. Dillion wouldn`t have been a factor anyway. We jumped on the Pats early and often. This took the running game out of it anyway. Just as the Pats did to us in the post season.
And I disagree with what you've said. We had no legit #2 back (like a Bettis to a Staley) and any NFL team without a RB would get their ass kicked. A legit #1 RB makes a huge difference. Just look at how Dillon played against you in the playoffs. He had a monster season for us, ran for like 1,600 yards (a Patriots record.) To say he would have no been a factor is logic I don't understand.

But agin, I freely admit you kicked our ass. :D
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