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Default Re: A crazy idea that will never happen and I'm gonna get yelled at for...

sitting ben might screw him up, he might lose all the confedince he's ever had and just play like shit the rest of his career. they should keep him in there and let him make his mistakes early so he can fix them and get his stuff down. he's been playing like crap but it's not totally his fault he can't get into a rytem, last year when i got to see games he always started off kinda slow and then in the second half he got into his rythm and played great and came through in the clutch, right now he hasn't had a chance they run twice and by the time he gets to throw it's 3rd and 8 and he can't get into a rythm like that. i don't think there's that much of a reason to worry about big ben he'll be just fine he just needs to play more and get into his rythm. playin a quater and a half and only going out on the field three times won't give him a chance, wait till week 4 and if he's still playing like crap then we can start to worry but it's just preseason.
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