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Default Re: Reggie Bush a Steelers fan

Originally Posted by Louisiana Cajun VooDoo View Post
Reggie is not a Steelers Fan. He is a New Orleans Saint and a Louisianan who prides himself in the rebuilding of the destroyed region where we live. When the game is over Sunday is when the Steelers will need FEMA after the Saints have beat them to come to their aid and experience what comfort we have had from them. Better prepare for the Red Cross and the Claims Adjusters.
How do you know he isnt a Steelers fan? Lots of players are also fans of other teams, usually from childhood. I am sure he is a Saints fan first, since that is who he plays for, but he could also be a fan of another team.

I also thought bringing up Fema was lame. It's not like they were doing Falcons trash talk bringing up Katrina. Let's trash talk with class at least.

(I am also a Saint fan btw... )
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