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Default Re: Reggie Bush a Steelers fan

Originally Posted by NV STEELERS 723 View Post
This thread was not supposed to get this much attention, but what upset me was the NO fan talking about how bad they were going to beat us.....

How bout this???... I have donated $1,500 of my salary to the Red Cross during the hurricane in NO..... and I get this type of trash crap from people in NO that are saying the Saints are gonna walk all over the STEELERS??????

I guess I thought Saints fans had more class...... By the way.... New Orleans is still at sea level
The vodoo guys post was moronic and does not represent the majority of our fan base, and I can see people (including myself) being upset at the use of fema etc. You geting all bent out of shape because someone said the saints are going to walk all over the steelers is another story, thats kinda crazy in itself. We appreciate your contributions, but we still want to kick the steelers tails this weekend. After this weekend good luck the rest of the season.
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