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Originally Posted by tootalltoscore
Personally I dont think much of your selection of Curtis Martin at 32 years old, he is unlikely to keep up the good work of last year.
Matt Jones may be a reach - no pun - and Santana Moss, I thought he had retired ;-)

Having been negative about a couple of your players though, I have to thankyou for showing me your picks and giving me a better idea how i need to select my players in the draft next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll post my selections and give you the chance to return the comments to me. I hope I keep my
Lol well the Martin pick was a keeper from last year and Santana Moss was the best WR available at the time, as for Matt Jones there was a few ppl wanting him so I got him as quick as I could, he should be a great keeper next year. :D
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