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Default Re: Peerless/Warrick

The Price is Wrong B*tch!
what are you all on the crazy train? come on, we hate him here over paid premadona, how would you like to have somebody on your team who
does not block down field on the run?
had offseason eye surgery because the bum can not catch!
refused to play special teams.
drops more balls than cedric wilson, fred gibson, and plaxico (everybody in the steelers nation is a racist) combined.
wore a ski mask when he signed his contract...hehe
oh by the way i do live in hot atlanta, its been a daily soap oprea...

Sometimes things just don't work out," Falcons coach Jim Mora said. "You change coaches, change schemes, there's other demands. There could be personality conflicts, production compared to salary. There are a lot of reasons. It's my hope he has a productive career ? somewhere else."

Over the past few days, Mora said the Falcons had all but made the decision to release Price, who was demoted to second-year flanker Michael Jenkins's backup. But Price expedited the process by initiating a meeting with Mora in his office shortly before practice and asking him if he fit in the team's plans.

"At that point, I just said, 'You know what? It's not going to work out,' " said Mora, who said the meeting was amicable.

Price left the team's facility just as the Falcons were stretching for practice to an AJC photographer waiting near his BMW at the team's headquarters.

"I hate y'all," Price said to the photographer, before getting into his car and driving off without further comment.

that was awesome..this is better

Was cutting Peerless Price a good move?


Yes. Too much money, too little production. 78.26% 5731
No. He was one of the best 5 receivers in camp. 21.74%
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