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Default Pitt/WVU triggered an odd memory...

I was watching some of the Pitt / WVU game tonight and for some reason I thought of an old tshirt I had as a kid. I couldn't imagine why it popped into my head. I remembered that it was gold in color and was dedicated to a football player that was paralyzed. Beyond that I couldn't remember. I thought maybe it was a Pitt player, but it didn't seem right.

Eventually I did remember the name though, Jeff Boynton. So I dug around on the internet and found this single reference to him.

""There's also the unnecessary injury risk. It's impossible to proceed here without mentioning Jeff Boynton, who was a star at Plum High School and headed to a scholarship at West Virginia when he was paralyzed in an all-star game in Mt. Lebanon in 1978.""

I grew up in Plum Boro. I think the tshirts were sold to help his family cover medical costs.

I also remember his number was 22. I wonder whatever happened to him? Does anyone know?

Maybe it was the WVU reference that triggered something in my memory. I dunno.... I'm a little freaked actually.
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