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Default Re: Reality Check

Props to you, It really takes some balls to stand up against your team and fellow fans , and tell us your personal thoughts.
I am not as optimistic as I was for the last six months. But we have a damn good offensive line, and a great defense.
I am troubled over Bens performance this preseason. But I know he can throw a football. I saw him throw the ball last season, and in training camp with accuracy. He has lacked accuracies so far in preseason. But we know he can be accurate. I beleive Ben has developed a confidense problem, temporarily. We need Ben to complete five or six straight short passes Thursday night. And get his confidence back.
Unfortunatley I understand where you are coming from with Hines Ward. Although he is great, and possibly irreplacable. He is not a big threat number one wr. I`m not so sure you really need to be a big deep threat to be a number one, but that does seem to be the standard around the NFL. He has great hands , good speed, and is second to none in blocking. He is a great team player. But he is more a pocession receiver most of the time. All our wr`s remind me of pocession receivers. But when your a run run team. Thats what you get. Ben needs somebody to spread out the defense.
Willie Parker is unproven, True. But who isn`t when they first start. Denver has proved over and over, it doesn`t matter who has the ball there, they all get a 1,000 yards. Our offensive line will do that to, they are plenty capable.

At see 11-5 a little struggle early on.
A win at home in the first round against the Colts.
A win on the road in San Diego.

Detroit Bound! We win Steelers 31 Philly 7. ring number five. TO sucks
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