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Default Re: Reality Check

New here, but what the Hell? I'm gonna jump right in here...

Ben has been out of sorts, yes, but it's an anamoly. He's not going to suddenly just lose all the ability and talent that got him where he is now...remember, he didn't even PLAY football until his Sr. year in HS, so he's still going to be very coachable. Ben will be solid.

At RB, we only need Duce to stay healthy for half a season so that Bettis/Parker don't have to do more than should be expected of them. Duce was not a good pick-up, and it's no surprise that the Eagles let him go. He cannot stay healthy...however, when he IS healthy, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with. He's the 2nd best receiver on the team and is probably the best blocking RB in the league.

As for Ward, I'm not worried. He may or may not be a game breaker, but I see a NE team that has a bunch of 5'10" guys running around making plays and winning Super Bowl's...I'd rather have Ward then any 2 of New England's receivers.

The D and special teams will be solid, and the fact that we have a bunch of hungry CB's is going to make the D better, not worse. Williams and Townsend know they are being pushed, so it should make them play better. It's also the 2nd year under LeBeau's system. Returning both OC and DC is HUGE!

My biggest concern has been, and will continue to be the right side of the OL and OL depth. Starks has turned out nicely (He was the biggest ? of the whole offense IMO), but we are depending on some pretty young guys for depth. We need to keep this unit healthy.
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