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Default Re: Staley needs to go

Originally Posted by rowedf
I'm not that worried about the Staley situation. Either way the Steelers are in a position to do what they want.

Scenerio #1: He has a great season, stays reasonably healthy and we keep him
Scenerio #2: He doesnt stay healthy or under performs and we cut him.
This is probably about how the FO views the situation, too. If Duce gets injured AGAIN this year, he's gone. The Eagles are really good about keeping on top of future FA's that they don't want to pay, and it was just bad luck that they got hit with the injury bug with the backs they kept after they dumped Duce. The Steelers are just as good at it.

Bettis is retiring this year no matter what. Duce is productive and healthy at the end of '05? He stays but restructures...nobody else will want him.

We'll draft an RB next year regardless...but if we have a bad finish, we'll trade our pick down. The Steelers will not overpay for "Top 10" talent because it's usually not worth it.

I actually hope the NFL and the players Union agree to start capping rookie contracts like they do in the NBA after this season.
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