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Default Re: The Ohio State Football Thread

I'll bite...newbie to THIS board, but old hat at the process. Here's a breakdown of why the Bucks can do it this year.

OSU Buckeyes:

Will again have a dominant defense, one of the best in the Country. Great LB play, and Ted Ginn will be playing at CB (His natural position).

Ted Ginn Jr. (Deserves his own paragraph). A legit Heisman candidate, touched the ball 59 times last year and scored 8. He'll be playing at WR across from Santonio Holmes, and if they aren't the fastest WR tandem in the Country, I'd like to know who is. He'll also be returning punts, playing DB, and playing a little RB and QB just to mix things up. Maybe the most dangerous player in College football.

Solid QB play. Either Zwick lives up to his potential in the game against Miami(OH) while Smith serves his suspension, or he doesn't. It's a win/win either way, as Smith is coming off probably the greatest QB performance EVER for a Buckeye against the Wolverines.

Improved running game. Antonio Pittman gained 15 lbs of muscle in the offseason without losing a step. The OL will be solid, and OSU recruited a young stud RB to push Pittman. As good as they've been since Clarrett.

Tressel...say what you will about his style, but he knows how to win, particularly in big games. 33-6 against BCS teams, 3-1 in bowl games (including the National Championship), 3-1 against Michigan, and 6-1 vs top 10 teams. He'll need to be on his game when the Bucks host Texas in the 2nd week of the season, though...while most top teams are tuning up against Southern Central North Dakato State, these 2 programs have the balls to go at it early in a game that could very well determine their respective seasons in mid-September instead of late November.

Finally, intangibles. The dark cloud of the Clarrett scandal has finally blown away...sure, it left the university with a PR black eye, but it's finally over. If OSU can overcome the Longhorns hurdle early, they are looking good despite tough road games against Wisconsin, a vastly improved PSU and Michigan.
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