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Default Re: The Ohio State Football Thread

I think Smith will replace Zwick after his suspension is served.You don't bench the guy that performed like he did for the guy that had Buckeye fans wanting to pull thier hair out.

Ted Ginn Jr. is a Heisman canidate...and his play at reciever alone might make Smith a Heisman canidate as well.

This is AJ Hawk's final season as a Buckeye...he deserves a second National Championship.This guy is the heart and soul of our defense (IMHO),a real leader.Unfortunatly...I see the Browns drafting him in the 1st round to be thier anchor ar linebacker for years to come.

Forget Clarett...he's old news.He hasn't been on the team for two...going on three years.Pittman will be BEAST.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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