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Default Re: Michigan @ Ohio State

Originally Posted by wedosesteelers2006 View Post
Did any of you boneheads sit and watch this game or did you just hear about the last quarter of the game and now you are commenting on it without a clue that really happened? Any one that is a non biast football fan could see that that was NOT a penalty.. even the commentators were saying that they didnt see a thing wrong with the play that the Miami,Fla man made on the pass or So Called "Pass interference" on them. Whether your a Miami, Fla fan or someone else's fan you can see that that was a terrible call.. just like the stupid Tuck Rule against the Raiders vs Patriots game, that was a fumble and if there is any one else here that doesnt see that then you are Blind...
Of Course I watched it... every last second of it. I bleed Scarlet and Gray on Saturdays!

You are right, there are bad calls made in almost every game. There were some bad calls in your SB win, but I doubt that you would be willing to give up the Lombardi because of them. It all depends on what side of the outcome your team ends up on , as to how you view it.

The tuck rule was a bad call, that's why Raider fans call it the snow job. The Immaculate Reception has no refuteable eveidence to prove one way or the other that the correct call was made. If you're a Steelers fan, you whole heartedly agree with the call... If you're a Raiders fan, well then, you have the Immaculate DECEPTION.

I would think that in light of the Steelers' controversial SB win that a Steelers fan wouldn't be so quick with the "refs gave them that game" rhetoric, thats all.

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