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Default Re: Reality Check

Ironman is a good guy.. He sees things how he sees them and thats ok. We dont all have to agree with all of it, but maybe we agree w/ some of it, or none of it.

But you make some good observations here, and I can respect that.

I could write a huge long reply to this and maybe I will tonite after I eat dinner :D but suffice it to say, nobody ever saw us going 15-1 last year..and many still say we won't do better than 8-8 if that.

I say, down w/ the preseason, bring on the regular season, we've got good depth, they stepped up last year, they can do it this year if need be ! And what better guy to start that off than Willie !

Dont misunderstand that last statment, I want jerome and duce back more than ever but if we are to make a run to the SB, we'll need all 53 guys !!
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