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Default Re: POLL: Rematch, or give someone else a chance?

Originally Posted by Haiku_Dirtt View Post
Crystal ball?

Mirror Mirror? Let's talk best teams.

Should the Colts get a rematch to play the Broncos? Should the Broncos get a rematch to play in the Super Bowl?

If I'm a Buckeye then I'd sure as hell want to play a USC with another two wins under their belt than Big Ten 'road kill'. You have one fierce defensive squad. So does SC.

OSU fans. This is the year that you want to play USC. Expolit their youth this year before it's too late. You'll still have to play four quarters.

Given the girth of production and historic endurance of this PC-led program Tressel & Co. know who they want to play.
I guess I should have said: Rematch, because this will show the absurdity of the BCS.

Michigan is still ranked at #2... commom sense says that #1 and #2 should play for the championship. The reality is that, if OSU loses to Michigan., Michigan would be the national champions... even though they lost to OSU in the regular season. This means that a team that lost one game is national champion over a team that went undefeated. This is why I hate the BCS. There has to be a playoff system in order to fairly decide a champion.

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