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Default Re: Psychology of Eagles fans. Great article!

The Eagles fan is pretty easy to figure out. They have a huge chip on their shoulders because of the incredibly large inferiority complex they have concerning New York. Philly is a huge town, and it's close to NY in proximity but thousands of miles away in culture and class.

Philly will always play second fiddle to the big apple, and having Boston win championships won't help. After time, they develop a losers mentality, and they are so messed up that they turn out by the thousands to cheer on a psychotic egomaniac like Terrel Owens. Booing Santa Claus? Low class. Booing the selection of Donovan McNabb? Low Class AND stupid. Going to the airport to cheer the return of TO to the team? Just plain retarded.

Quite frankly, even though the Eagles never win anything, they deserve better fans than they have.
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