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Default Re: POLL: Rematch, or give someone else a chance?

Originally Posted by steelfan 92 View Post
if there is a rematch i will not be watching. michigan is lucky that were not beaten by 3 touchdowns. ohio state fumbled to denter qb xchanges and gave them 2 td's. give jim tressel 50 days and he will beat them buy 4 td's. i 'd like to see someone else get a shot. i think usc matches up with ohio state really well. nuff said. if usc wins out there in. get over it wolverines, u lost. like beano cook sd its better to lose early than lose late. toodles.
I disgree....UM is clearly at LEAST the second best team in the country. They played a tight game against OSU, in OSU's house. You say give Jim Tressel 50 days, this is the only game he cares about, he had all year to prep for it.

The only thing I don't like about a rematch is if UM wins, is do they split the National championship? This is why we need a playoff. Plain and simple. colts beat us last year, but the we beat them in the playoffs, and all is right in the world.
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