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Default Where the Steelers Rank

I saw on ESPN that they had rankings on NFL franchise's talent, strategy, chemistry, stability, and efficiency. Here's how the Steelers rank.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: It helps having a structure. Bill Cowher wants aggressive defensive players for his 3-4 scheme, and because he's been running the 3-4 for years, chief personnel man Kevin Colbert does a good job of finding those players. He's drafted well over the last couple of years to reload the secondary, which had been getting old. Colbert can draft them, while Cowher and one of the best coaching staffs in the league know how to develop them. -- John Clayton

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Head coach Bill Cowher's approach is simple. He finds problems and fixes them. With then-rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's move into the starting lineup last year, the Steelers ran the ball far more than any team in the league and finished the season 15-1. Pittsburgh's defense also has been one of the best in the league during the past five years, despite the fact it's infused a lot of youth on that side of the ball. -- S.M.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh has opened up its passing game at times during the past five years, but it's had its most success when it's focused on establishing a power running game and playing hard-nosed defense. The Steelers have done an excellent job of signing and drafting players who like their physical style on both sides of the ball and fit in with what they want to do. -- Steve Muench

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: While there has been turnover at both coordinator positions (hired in 2004), Bill Cowher is (incredibly) entering his 14th season as Pittsburgh's head coach. His scowl has become the face of Steelers football. -- S.M.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: Despite starting a rookie at quarterback last year, the Steelers made their second trip to the AFC Championship in the past five seasons. They have done an excellent job of using the past five drafts to infuse youth on both sides of the ball. -- Steve Muench

We did rather well. Top 4 in all 5 lists.

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