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Default Football Buddy


I'm looking for a friend who would be happy to talk football, either by email weekly, by messenger or would be happy to talk by phone - I am happy to be the one phoning - preferably someone prepared to chat about all fantasy and real Football. I live in England.

If anyone can suggest url's for listening to Steeler games that would be great, I had Field Pass last year, is there a better alternative out there?

Can anyone recommend a quality magazine that I can subscribe to, ESPN Insider is $106 for the year, but I am only really interested in Football, sorry but baseball bores me and basketball puts me to sleep, as for ice hockey............lets not even go there

Overall, I like nothing better than to be able to sit up and watch the Back'n'Gold - albeit at 2 in the morning - with a few cold ones to ease the suspense as the Steelers churn out a victory

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