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Cool Re: Kuhn and 6 others cut..9/3 Update: Jackson, St. Pierre, Schneck cut

Originally Posted by Prosdo
I'm not real big on Mays. I rather see them keep Gibson.
It's still speculation about Gibson but if they DO cut him it's worth remembering that the competition against him this year was pretty tough . . . Hines, El, Cedrick, Morey (who in the Carolina game was pretty useful as a receiver) and Nate Washington (a young receiver who has been better, and who has had to step up more than Gibson. Ok, Gibson is taller and everything, but looking at the Georgia message boards just after the drafts they were really divided about whether Gibson would ever cut it in the NFL (lapses in concentration, inconsistent play etc etc). I'd have loved to see them keep 6 WRs, but I also want them to keep 4 TEs, 6 RBs, 10 OL, 4 QB . . .

And if we do got to 4 and 5 WR sets we can always put Miller and Kranchick (as long as they don't cut him too) in there . . .
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