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Default Re: Hey! Livinginthepast!

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Since you are so convinced about the Pats imminent success in winning this years SB without actually playing a single down yet, care to answer a few questions for me?

1. Who IS the OC for the Pats? McDaniels? Belichick? You do realize that if the latter is the answer, you could be in a World of hurt, right? Bill Belichick running the offense will cost you more than the 3 extra losses you already automatically ensue by losing OC and DC and the middle of you defense...oh, wait...I'm getting ahead of myself...

2. Defensively, with losing ILB's Bruschi and Johnson, is it realistic to think that an aging OLB Chad Brown and an unknown commodity Monty Beisel are the answers?

3. Brady is starting to not only make his own press, but is undoubtedlly also reading it. SNL visits coupled with absurd comments like "I think I can be a coach to the offense" don't concern you?

4. What would happen if Corey Dillon was injured?

5. Will you accept my bet? I bet $10 that NE does not win the AFC East.
Hey Suitanim,

1. I am of the belief that BB will be running the Offense this year which I don't think will lead to a great drop-off in production.
Of course this is just my opinion - at least I am not being facetious enough to actually put a 'loss count' on each of thse factors.
I wasn't aware of this new NFL ruling that replacing your OC and DC lead to 'automatic losses' - was it the Colts that petitioned for this by any chance? LOL

2. I accept that Chad Brown and Monty Beisel have not proved themselves worthy of comparison to TJ and Tedy - but like you said...we haven't played a single down of the regular season yet, so comparison is impossible.

I am willing to accept that we may lose some of our potency in the ILB area when compared to last year.

3. Brady has set new standards of professionalism whilst being the 2nd most talked about QB of the last 4 years or so.
Sure, he seems to be airing his opinions on his own abilities - which I see no harm in...the minute I start getting worried is the minute he starts mouthing off about how "no-one can stop the Patriots"...or something in a similar vein.
I dont see Brady morphing into some sort of trash-talking blabbermouth in the vein of Van Der Jerk.

4. Losing Dillon would be a big blow to the Patriots organisation and needless to say to our chances of winning another SB this year.
I think you will find that EVERY TEAM in the league would struggle if it was to lose its starting RB - even Payton Manning has struggled greatly with no 'Edge' in the backfield.

5. I accept your bet of $10 - how do you propose setting this up?

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