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Default Re: The Ohio State Football Thread

34-14, and Miami scored all 14 points in garbage time against 2nd and 3rd stringers. Miami is a pretty good football team, too, and the Bucks just absolutely manhandled them in every phase of the game.

Zwick played well, but I didn't see anything from him that Smith can't do better.

As for Texas, they are gonna have their hands full. The defense for OSU is going to be awesome this year, the LB corps may be the best EVER for the Buckeyes, and the offense looks to be nearly unstoppable. With all those offensive weapons, a new spread offense, PLUS the ability of Troy Smith to make this happen running, I would not want to have to gameplane against the Buckeyes this year.

By the way, did someone steal Jim Tressel and replace him with an alien replacement or something? I've never seen OSU run so may spread formations, multiple receiver sets, single back sets, etc, etc...3 yards and a cloud of dust is a thing of the past at OSU it appears (and I just know Woody Hayes rolled over in his grave yesterday).
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