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Default Re: What steeler have you met?

This is a post I made a few months back about my encounter with Franco - I also went to the hotel they were staying at for the SB that year...funny story - Thigpen told everybody he wasn't a player - he said he was just a friend of Leon Searcy's visiting, so everybody left him alone and didn't ask for his autograph - my brother knew for sure it was Thigpen, so he yelled really loud in the lobby while pointing to Thigpen--"Ladies and Gentleman - Yancy Thigpen!!" and everybody ran over to him...

I ran into Franco when I was living in AZ - he was there for the Super Bowl (the ODonnell one) - there were a lot of events leading up to the game - I went to one Franco was at - there were a lot of people yelling for his autograph and he said politely "sorry guys, I'm here for the fans and charity - not to make you money with my autograph" - he kept walking so I yelled "hey Franco you had 1055 yards your rookie season, you had 158 yards in SB IX and were the MVP, etc after a few more stats I said "I'm one of your biggest fans!" -- he turned around and walked over to me and said "I'm sorry these guys have been following us all week" - he then glared at two of the idiots he was referring to because they were sticking several mini Steeler helmets in his face to sign and you could see they had a whole box of them along with Cowboy ones too - he glared at them until they backed away and then he grabbed a pen out of his pocket to sign an autograph for me - I said " I don't want an autograph - I just want to shake your hand and tell you I had a great time watching you play when I was a kid" - he flashed a huge Italian smile and said "thanks man - you just made my day.."
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