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Default Re: What steeler have you met?

Well, I moved away in '87, so it's been a while.

Swann (met him in a jewelry store downtown)
Bradshaw (saw him at the Eagles/Giants game this year, said hey)
Rocky Bleier (a couple motivational speeches)
Terry Hanratty (he was on my route when I was an ice cream man)
Sam Davis (at a sportsmen's dinner, he was not such a big guy!)
Franco Harris (bumped carts with him in the supermarket in Shadyside!)
Courson (bad story involving a bar fight)
Lambert (he used to jog around the baseball field at Riverside Park in Oakmont with his g/f in the early '80s)
Bill Nelsen ('60s QB, went to my church when I was a kid)
Joe Gilliam (met him at a semi-pro game in the early '80s; the Steelmen? Ironmen? Something like that)

Those are the ones I remember.

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